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Car Care Products

SelectCountCodeSizeTypePieces per cartoonPrice
0053 236 ml Atomizer 144 60 L.E
0306 5 Liter Liquid 4 824 L.E
0336 550 ml Liquid 4 88 L.E


  1. Special and natural leather cleaner and conditioner.
  2. Excellent quality one-step conditioner.
  3. Designed to gently clean, restores and protect all types of leather.
  4. PH balanced, water base formula.
  5. Safe to use on both car interiors and fine household leather goods.
  6. Releases original leathers shape, and restore original leathers shine.
  7. Cleans and remove oils and soils from all types of leather trim.
  8. Restores natural softness and protects against harmful ultra-violet rays.
  9. For all Automotive and Household leather upholstery.
  10. Ultimate leather treatment enriched with completely natural Aloe and softeners