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About The Group

Since its foundation back in 1979 SIEN Group has been providing wide range of selective products & services for both Industrial & consumer sectors. Moving forward with a solid believe that its products ranges are unlimited and its scientific capabilities have no boundaries in order to earn a respectful market share locally and globally. This unique approach is based on the understanding of customer needs and procedures, enabling SIEN Group to offer its best products and services to maintain a solid pipe line for mutual benefits with its customers.



SIEN Group Vision          

To be recognized as the best supplier of ready -made & tailored scientific solutions.

SIEN Group Mission

Our solid commitment to simply obtain the latest scientific technologies and present it into our specialty products.

SIEN Group Values

·         Understand our clientele need.

·         Continuous customer service enhancement.

·         Maintain our social responsibility standards & our legitimate business Integrity.
















Authentication & Certifications











Officially authorized by the Egyptian government to manufacture various chemical products, yet a certified member of the following authorities:



• Ministry of industries.

• Ministry of research and development.

• Chamber of trading and industries.

• Chamber of chemical industries.

• Chamber of overseas trading (Exporting).

• UKAS Quality management (ISO 9001/2000 international certificate).

• Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA).

• National Oil Spill Contingency Plan (NOSCP).

• Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC).

• National Institute of Oceanography & Fisheries (NIOF).

• National Research Center (NRC).

• Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute (EPRI).

• National Chemical Analyses Institute.

• The 10th of Ramadan city investors association.

• The Egyptian investors association.

• The Egyptian creation and inventors association.