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SelectCountCodeSizeTypePieces per cartoonPrice
0252 400 ml Aerosol 12 70 L.E
0253 236 ml Atomizer 12 30 L.E


  1.  One step, fabric guard and resisting shield.
  2.  Unique formula that protects fabrics and textiles.
  3.  Reduce the porosity and permeability of surfaces to be liquid repellent.
  4.  Increase surface tension of the fabrics.
  5.  Resist absorption and stain adherence.
  6.  Prevent coffee, tea, beverage, blood, medicine and dye stains to adhere to fabrics and textiles surfaces.
  7.  Protect fabrics against spotting, repel water and oil-based stains.
  8.  Provide protection against ultra-violet rays to resist premature fading.
  9.  Will not change the feel of fabric.
  10.  Can be apply on most fiber types and colors.
  11.  For all automotive and household upholstery.